Grilled Calamari Burger

Recipe No.001

Squid Inc Int. 001-Grilled-Calamari-Burgers


Calamari steak
Tip Top Burger Bun
Lacewood Bush Tomato Salsa (or Chilli Sauce)
Iceberg lettuce
Red onion
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Thaw out one calamari steak

2. You can leave it whole or prepare calamari steak as in diag (1) and (2) to give you thinner pieces as in diag (3)

3. Lightly spray or rub steaks (or pieces) with olive oil

4. Salt and pepper lightly if required

5. Place on a hot pan. When calamari has turned white and is firm, set aside on a plate

6. Slice through Tip Top Burger buns – these can be slightly warmed if required

7. On topside of bun a Lacewood Bush Tomato Salsa would be nice or equivalent chilli sauce. On the bottom of the bun, spread your favourite mayonnaise

8. Place a nice piece of iceberg lettuce on top of mayonnaise, then calamari, tomato, thin sliced beetroot and sliced red onion can be added

9. Place the two halves together


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