Crumbed Calamari Burgers

Recipe No.002

Squid Inc Int. 002-Crumbed-Calamari-Burgers


1 Calamari steak
Tip Top Burger BunFlour
Milk and breadcrumbs
Iceberg lettuce
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Thaw out one calamari steak
2. You can leave it whole or prepare calamari steak as in diag (1) and (2) to give you thinner pieces as in diag (3)
3. Season calamari and coat with flour
4. Immerse in beaten egg and milk to cover the entire surface
5. Drain and cover with bread crumbs; shake off excess crumbs
6. You have prepared your warm burger buns the same as grilled by cutting half
7. Place a dob of your favourite mayonnaise on the top and bottom of the bun before adding your choice of lettuce and tomato etc
8. Quickly pan cook or deep fry your crumbed calamari – drain on absorbing paper
9. Place the two halves together

Chef’s tip:
Mayonnaise can be flavoured with lemon zest or finely chopped capers or gherkins


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