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The Food Critic!


As a restaurateur of a seafood restaurant, there’s nothing worse than when a food critic dining in your restaurant describing the calamari rings (part of a dish – crumbed scallops, prawns, garfish and calamari) being so tough you could sling them around the room like an elastic band!


Thank you, Simon Wilkinson, (the food critic) – You were the pinnacle of the creation of Squid inc.

Squid Inc International – Story


During my many years in a seafood restaurant, I could not understand why there were times the calamari tubes we bought were tender and other times when they were tough.


On closer inspection of the packaging of frozen calamari tubes, I noticed the words “made in Australia” Upon making some inquiries from our suppliers who were in Melbourne I soon learned that in the 7 kg box of frozen calamari tubes there were different species of calamari tubes.


For instance, in our local South Australian Waters, we have Gould Squid which is less expensive and has to be cooked quickly or braised as a seafood stew for a long period of time then you have the Southern Calamari which is twice as expensive, cooks quickly and is always tender.


The dilemma of having four restaurants and ordering 300 to 400 kg of calamari per week (which when cleaned will give you 150 to 200 kg of calamari product) it was impossible and expensive to find this quantity of local southern calamari knowing the product Southern Calamari would be too expensive to have on our menu and supply not guaranteed.


I heard from a fisherman of a giant species of calamari caught in the middle of the Pacific which was processed in Taiwan as calamari steak.


This giant calamari is called Dosidicus Gigus and after processing, sold to the USA where calamari burgers and sliders are popular.


Squid inc was born to import and distribute Dosidicus Gigus & Ommastrephes Bartramii internationally.


Squid Inc International Calamari Product List:
Calamari Steaks
Calamari Strips
Smoked Calamari

Available in various package sizes for purchase.


To purchase Squid Inc International Calamari please contact Jack Psellos (ph: 0407 470 002) for details regarding an authorised (state) distributor.

Squid Inc Seasonings!


Our customers began commenting on how tender the calamari was but when you have many restaurants and many chefs, each chef would produce a different mixture of salt and pepper (salt and pepper calamari). Customers would comment that the seasoning either had not enough pepper or not enough salt –
there was no consistency.


I decided to create my own seasoning range to ensure all my restaurants would be consistent when serving calamari no matter which chef was preparing the dish.


The new Squid Inc seasoning range was created:
Salt & Pepper
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Chilli Garlic
Hot & Spicy
Cajun Five Spiced
Spicy Tandoori Style
Chunky Bread Crumb Mix

Available in various package sizes for purchase.


To purchase Squid inc Seasonings please contact Jack Psellos (ph: 0407 470 002) for details regarding an authorised (state) distributor.

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