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The Original SQUID Inc. Seasonings!

How it all began…

Our customers began commenting on how tender the calamari was but when you have many restaurants and many chefs, each chef would produce a different mixture of salt and pepper (salt and pepper calamari).


Customers would comment that the many seasonings would either not have enough pepper or enough salt, and the seasonings had no consistency.


We decided to create our own seasoning range to ensure all my restaurants would be consistent when serving calamari no matter which chef was preparing the dishes.

The Original SQUID Inc. New seasoning range:

Salt & Pepper
Lemon Pepper
Lemon Chilli Garlic
Spicy Piri Piri
Breadcrumb (375g)


The Original SQUID Inc. Seasoning Range is available in 325 grams, 375 grams packages, & 16kg bulk boxes.

To purchase The Original SQUID Inc. Seasonings Range – please contact Jack Psellos (ph: 0407 470 002) for details regarding an authorised distributor in your state.