Crumbed Calamari Pieces

with Honey Mustard and Lemon Myrtle Salad

Recipe No.004

Squid Inc Int. 004-Batterd-Calamari


1 Calamari steak
Leafy salad of your choice
Bottle of Lacewood Mango and Apricot Sauce, or Tartare Sauce
Your choice of cooking oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Beer Batter (optional)
250 gms of flour (half plain, half self-raising)
1 tsp salt
1 egg
1.7 cups of beer (if required) or use 1.7 cups of water
2 egg whites


Batter can be light to heavy in texture. It can be made with flour and different varieties of liquids such as milk, water, beer or soda water

Adding egg whites will add lightness to some batters. Beer adds a little flavour to calamari fried in batter and the bubbles contribute a light and crisp texture to the cooked batter

Always remember to:
– fry small amounts at a time
– drain well and serve straight away

1. Thaw out one calamari steak. You can leave it whole or prepare calamari steak as in diag (1) and (2) to give you thinner pieces as in diag (3)
2. Combine all the ingredients for beer batter except egg whites
3. Beat well until the batter is smooth
4. Beat the egg whites until they are medium to stiff. Use without delay and gently fold into the batter a little at a time
5. Lightly dust calamari pieces with flour and cover in beer better
6.Remove excess batter by wiping alongside the bowl, or running the calamari through your fingers
7. Deep fry with your choice of cooking oil (175ºC or 350ºF) for a few minutes; cook in small batches
8. Drain on absorbing paper to remove excess oil
9. Serve straight away with a leafy salad and a dipping sauce

Chef’s suggestion:
Lacewood Mango and Apricot would be nice, or Tartare Sauce which is ready made


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