Calamari Saganari 017

Squid Inc Int. 017-Calamari-Saganari

Calamari Saganari

As an entrée for 6 people, but is also nice as a main course

Recipe No.0173 Calamari steaks cut in half
Egg Wash, flour, breadcrumbs
Salt and pepper
3 Zucchini
Easy Tomato Sauce (or prepared bottled sauce)
Olive Oil and butter
Cinnamon stick
Flat leaf parsley
Kefalograviera Cheese or Fetta1. Bring Easy Tomato Sauce with a cinnamon stick to the boil and simmer
2. Slice Zucchini and char grill and set aside in a warm place
3. Crumb calamari steaks and pan cook them in olive oil and butter
4. Place on paper towelling and set aside

5. In another pan add flour, cheese and pan cook in a little olive oil until both sides are golden brown

Assemble the dish:
6. Lay zucchini strips on a plate
7. Add easy sauce
8. Place crumbed calamari on top
9. Smooth over a little easy sauce and then pan cooked cheese
10. Garnish with flat leaf parsley


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